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Jisan Heavy Industry is committed to developing first-class talent, in order to provide high quality product and perfect service for our customers all over the world. We recruit below positions: Resume Delivery
Position:Regional sales representative
Number of recruits:10people
Job duties:
1. Responsible for market research and demand analysis;
2. Responsible for annual sales forecast, target formulation and decomposition;
3. Responsible for sales channel and customer management;
4. Open up new markets, develop new customers, and increase product sales.
Job requirements:
1. Have a certain understanding of the construction machinery industry; responsible for the sales and promotion of company products; 
2. Love the sales industry; those with sales experience such as breakers, quick connectors, tampers, rippers, etc. are preferred; 
3. Ability to travel; college degree or above
Position:Sales office
Number of recruits:3people
Job duties:
1. Responsible for the sales staff's customer order tracking, monthly sales account verification, to ensure timely monthly payment;
2. Communicate effectively with customers by phone to understand customer needs, find sales opportunities and reach sales;
3. Maintain the business of old customers and tap their potential;
4. Regularly communicate with cooperating customers and establish a good long-term cooperative relationship.
Job requirements:
1. 20-35 years old, female, clear-spoken, fluent Mandarin, infectious voice;
2. Have a high passion for sales;
3. Have strong learning ability and excellent communication ability;
4. Tough character, quick thinking, good adaptability and pressure-bearing ability;
5. Have a strong sense of professionalism, responsibility and a positive working attitude. Those with experience in telemarketing related to mechanical equipment are preferred.
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