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Professional design and installation personnel, tailor-made for customers who want to modify excavators for scrapped automobile dismantling machines, can make full use of existing resources, and provide supporting services for customers who add dismantling pliers and pressing frames.
Dismantling special hydraulic shears
       Development of Jisan original hydraulic shears dedicated to the dismantling of metal products, equipped with 3 types. DSA hydraulic shear adopts lightweight design, the shape of the blade tip is easy to perform micro-operation, can carry out various operations such as grasping, peeling, tearing, etc., and can efficiently promote the detailed classification operations that require meticulous. The thick blade tip shape of DSB hydraulic shears has strong gripping force, cutter cutting force and rotating torque, which can quickly complete crushing and cutting operations. DSC hydraulic shear double opening design, higher efficiency.。
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