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Jisan fixed-type grab is a multi-purpose special grab equipment developed on the basis of excavator. It mainly serves: shipping dock, material cargo yard, station coal yard, stacking and unloading, etc. The loading and unloading of coal and steel bulk cargoes and stacking cargos.
Main Feature
1. The power system is driven by a three-phase motor, flexible and flexible. Driven by electric motor, low maintenance cost, no pollution and low failure rate.
2. The electrical system has protection functions such as overcurrent, overload, and leakage;
3. Double pump double loop total power adjustment, negative flow control open system, reasonable distribution and utilization of motor power;
4. Double pumps confluence, multi-action compound, improve operation efficiency;
5. Normally open slewing and walking brake. Independent oil cooling system, hydraulic oil cooler has large heat dissipation area, and good heat dissipation effect;
6. Italian hose, seal and Trelleborg oil cylinder seal, completely solve the oil leakage of the hydraulic system;
7. Enhanced working device of integral bending arm, gooseneck-type bending stick and various operating grippers;
8. Working device optimized by computer, box structure realizes reasonable high strength structure;
9. Multi-function instrument panel, detect all kinds of pressure, temperature, oil level and make sound alarm;
10、Three-dimensional air supply, fresh air circulation, fluorine-free environmental protection, large-capacity automatic cooling and heating air-conditioning system;

Technical Parameter
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