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Dismantling Scope
● Disintegration of motorcycles, cars, vans, agricultural machinery and other vehicles
● Car engine disintegration
● Car tire hub separation
● Compression and volume reduction of car body or scrap steel
● Disintegration classification of other complex items
Power Configuration
Diesel type, electric type, dual power type
Product Advantages
Advantages of Hydraulic System
● The hydraulic system uses double pumps and three circuits to realize automatic system switching.
● The multi-way valve of the special automobile disassembly machine is adopted to realize the hydraulic shear action priority and the hydraulic shear opening and closing flow acceleration function.
● Adopt special balancing valve for automobile dismantling machine to realize precise micro-motion function of hydraulic shear.
Homework Advantage
● According to different types of vehicles (cars, buses, minibuses, etc.), they are equipped with special pressing frames and disassembly scissors.
● Adopt a working device specially designed for automobile dismantling machine to enhance adaptability and improve efficiency.
Efficiency Advantage
One can be dismantled in 7 minutes, and 70 can be dismantled in one day.
Technical Parameter
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