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Power configuration
Diesel type, electric type, dual power type
Dismantling scope
● Disintegration of buses, buses, buses, minibuses, trucks and other transportation
● Disassembly of automobile engine, separation of automobile tire hub
● Compression and volume reduction of car body or scrap steel
● Disintegration classification of other complex items

Product advantages
Advantages of professional chassis
The special "H" type getting off base is used for getting off the vehicle, and the pressing frame is embedded and welded to form, which enhances the stability and balance of the structure.
Efficiency advantage
One can be dismantled in 7 minutes, and 70 can be dismantled in one day.
Operational advantages
● The drivers cab can choose fixed height increase or automatic lift, with a good operating vision.
● The product can be operated according to the drivers habits. Realize personalized operation programming control.
This equipment is mainly used for the rapid disintegration of scrapped cars. The processing process is fully mechanized. Compared with manual disassembly, it greatly improves the production efficiency. It can quickly disintegrate the car body, tires, engine and other parts, so that the car can be removed from the car Scrap steel, copper, aluminum, copper wire, rubber, plastic, etc. that have recycling value in the parts can be effectively used.

Technical Parameter
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