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Product Feature

The wide opening width as compared with other companies’ equipment,
not only outstanding performance in handing the iron bar but also
maximizes the operation efficiency with light weight.
Cylinder, which complements the shortcomings of existence equipment,
demonstrates the strong power and has excellent durability. Operation
efficiency is improved because maintenance costs are inexpensive and
realize the fast action.
JAW which is made of strong quality of the material and heat treatment
is light and has excellent abrasion-resistant. So it can use longer.
Grease is injected with a special structure for each part is sealing
process. It can make the grease injection well, while the abrasion of
pin and bushing is reduced as much as possible.
Really simple head adjustment device maximize the operation efficiency.
DLK rotary crusher can be suitable for a variety of working environment,
not only outstanding performance in handling broken-dismantled work,
but also in recycling of concrete material.

Product parameter
Construction case
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